Watch design

The creator of the original material for the unique luxury watch design’s surface is Dodo Newman.

A peculiarity is that when Dodo started to create the Dedication jewellery artwork, called “The Biggest Love Story” as a commemoration for the wedding and the bonding love of HSH Prince Albert II and his wife HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco she was few months pregnant. This was an element that added to the inner beauty and its uniqueness of the work.


The surface of this watch design was envisioned as unique, one and only for each timepiece: every watch an individual state of art in itself. They were visioned to be represented a one of a kind collectors’ item.

The jewellery artwork, from which the piece of material and surface for the watch was envisioned was selected into the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends in 2013 and 2014.


The ultimate aim was to celebrate Life and Love in one masterpiece.

This special watch design transmits the desire for elegance, ultra-luxury and “living the fairytale” contained in a sparkling and glamorous surface, which offers changing shades with the play of different light and shadows.

Desire watch
Envisioned by Dodo Newman

The cold platinum case and the encircling radiant cut diamonds form a perfect combination with the warmth of the purple crystallised inner surface together with the exceptional alligator strap variations.

The dial is a unique combination of colours and forms and different for all envisioned 13 limited piece, making them solitary, rare pieces.


There is no two surface for this watch design that matches, they are unique. Each timepiece has a unique and unrepeatable surface, as its own individual DNA, because of the original provenance of the related collectible item that has been chosen in to the Top of the Ultra-luxury world list.

The various shades of purple is a significant choice since it is the favourite colour of HSH Princess Charlène.

*HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco is not the owner of the the design for this watch. HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco owns a jewellery artwork, made by Dodo Newman, since 2012, which is a commemoration of her marriage, related to the material of this specific watch design’s dial. The material used for this watch design’s surface is exactly the same material (residual part) from which the jewellery artwork is created.