Life path

Uniqueness comes hand in hand with Dodo Newman’s life path, with time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with persistence to make a dream come true.

“My life path has moulded me  into who I am. Born into a diplomat family I know what it means to move, to adapt to different habits, cultures and climates. I lived in different cities of the World in India, Iran, Hungary, Italy, UK, US, France, Monaco and Germany, admiring and adopting to the cultural mix, experiencing different tastes and detecting the wonderful, endless colours of life.”

Growing up in a diplomatic family the young Dodo Newman travelled and lived all around the world seeing the contrasts of Communism, Dictatorship, India, Islam, Materialism, Poverty, Spirituality, Tolerance. She gained life experiences from one extreme to the other, which helped her later artistic expressions.

Dodo Newman was born as Dorottya Novak in Hungary. She was 2 years old when the family moved to India where Dodo started her studies. Later her family moved to Iran, where she went to the Italian School of Tehran, Iran (Scuola italiana “Pietro Della Valle”). Following this Dodo finished her studies at the school of Polimoda in Firenze Italy, then at the American University of Rome in Rome, Italy and finally at the Reading University in Reading in UK.

Since 2008 Dodo Newman is a German resident.

Childhood in India

The power of inner freedom she received in India has accompanied Dodo all through her artistic as well as her life path.

Traveling and moving for Dodo Newman are the most natural things in the world, since she has lived and studied in various countries around the world during her lifetime. She has been introduced into many cultural environments by her diplomat parents, so she considers to own many homes and many native languages.

Although she was born in Hungary the first pages of her memories are tied the most to India. She was only two years old when her parents got divorced and together with her father she moved to New Delhi.

“India’s sensuous world has strong effects on me and its imprints can be seen even today in my taste and in my painting style.”

“As I always said India has a deep effect on the senses, it stirs up vibrating every single sense and it does it in a multiple and unimaginable way. The colours enchant the eyes, the flavours and scents send us to another world. Even the air is colourful in India. The poorest person also wears colourful dresses and even the food reflects colours as well. In addition to all these India is the home of love. It is the world of intense feelings where love, emotions and passion is an element of the every days.”

“The strong colours, scents, materials, nature’s wonderful vicinity and of course the ever present poverty. I experienced here the completeness of life in all the extreme ways. The spiritual freedom, the openness and the physical poverty.”

“I often played with the local children who ran with us barefoot and in ragged dresses. Life there is not easy but I have learned a lot from the experiences I had there. Today I know that it doesn’t matter where someone comes from, what his or her colour of skin is, what language he or she speaks – what really matters is that all our feelings, aims are the same.”

Maybe it seems unbelievable for those born into the modern world but Dodo grew up without TV, movies, electronics. The world of books and stories surrounded her each and every night and day taking her always to a new land where she could fly on the wings of the imagination.

“My imagination developed with the help of books and stories: Every child needs a story!”

Dodo really appreciates her childhood in India because as she states this helped her to find her real path in life. Even if the family after India moved to the dictatorial Iran and then to communist Hungary, young Dodo always kept alive her dreams with the power of imagination which she received in India through the stories.

When Dodo was nine she and her parents came back to Hungary for a few years, years that meant a huge shock for her.

“In India I went to English speaking International schools where most of the classes were taken outside in the surrounding gardens, also because it was quite hot. In the afternoons there were no home works to be done, even the books were left at school. I had classmates from different nationalities, where everyone thought it natural that children with different types of skin were studying together without any kind of conflict. I used to love to go to school perhaps this was the reason for the shock that I experienced in Hungary.”

“Although I had blonde hair I did not understand why my classmates made fun of me calling me Indian, when they got to know where I lived before. Moreover in the first two years of school I continuously almost failed, since I hardly even knew how to write in Hungarian. Every second afternoon I had to go to separate teachers. I was always scared to go to school where I had to take oral and written exams – since in India all of these things were unknown.”

Dodo did not realise that her life would be completely transformed by the dreams and colours of India. She grew up without the frills of modernity or the associated gadgetry and this helped develop her sensibilities. Books and stories inspired her and took her to new lands.

“When I was a child I felt apart from the World. Growing up as a white child in India I often dreamed by the seaside, I never really felt myself alone there. The most beautiful actor of my dreams was always the infinite Ocean.

I also saw poverty first in India. As a child it was never strange for me to see poor children on the streets. I was even more astonished when later during my further stages of life most people associated poverty with dirt and lack of hygiene. Poverty is not a good thing but as a child I understood and accepted it easily. I played the same with the local children without any prejudice.

As a child I learned to live without any ties, freely. We lived in a house circled by a park but I always looked for the company of the local children.”

Growing up in Iran

In a few years time Dodo’s family travelled to another country and they had to familiarize with this new country and culture.

“Iran and the Arab countries are all considered the same by the media, even though the situation of women in Iran is not as bad as it is depicted. It is true that all women have to cover their hair with scarves and everyone lives behind walls. Women have very fashionable clothes and are neat under their covers they also travel quite a lot. They also can study freely, many of them become architects, doctors, teachers. It is however hard for young pairs to get used to not being able to hold hands in the streets, as well as girls and boys cannot have parties together. It was quite weird that men and women were separated not only in the swimming pools but also on the ski slopes.”

“I loved Paris, the exciting life, the world of galleries, the openness of the people and their hunger for culture. My stay in Paris had such an influence on me that I decided to become a fashion designer.”
The closed environment of Iran gave Dodo the opportunity to discover her inner side and to explore her artistic Soul. She spent many hours and evenings in her room dreaming, drawing, sketching and visualizing her future of changes and expansion.

In Iran there were no English or American schools because of the political tensions. So Dodo had to choose whether to go to an Italian or German high school. She chose the Italian school, this way she acquired the knowledge of a new language and culture. This helped her when, a few years later she managed to easily enter a well-known Italian fashion design school.

Opening up: Italy

“When I started to study in Florence I felt myself in Heaven! But I was naive and I didn’t fully grasp what I undertook. I was convinced fashion design is only about drawing, even though reality is very far from this! Perhaps Ralph Lauren is famous enough to just draw but we students at the school had to sow and tailor, which never really interested me. I decided to move to Rome. I wanted to study art, painting there but my parents decided that they would only pay for my studies if I choose something more practical and useful. I had not much choice. My family remained in Iran and I was in Europe alone. So I entered an American University where I graduated in international relations. There were various nationalities and cultures at the university just as I was used to during my childhood.”

Whenever Dodo had some time off she roamed around the streets of Rome, she embraced the ever so nearness of Italian art and she tried to save all that she saw in the city’s beauty on paper.

Rome was a city important for many other reasons as well. It was the city where Dodo started first to experience living by herself, being free and discovering her hidden desires, making visions of them.

Way to become a real artist

After many traveling and seeing the World, Dodo Newman returned to the Land where she was born, to Hungary, to continue the search of her path. Unfortunately the positive open attitude did not meet an appropriate reception, so Dodo did not find her path and she was not sure her aims could be realized there.

With her heart full of hope Dodo packed up her backpack to head towards West Europe. She had in her mind the aim to work and co-operate with international art galleries. She decided to choose for a destination Berlin, Germany where she chose to realize her art studio to make her art. Not everything was white and black though, and there were some very difficult moments and periods to be faced in Berlin too.

It was the year of 2008 when this new city of Berlin appeared in Dodo’s life.

“I had a thought that Berlin is a tolerant, open and free city and also it is to become the centre of art in Europe. So I thought this city might keep some surprises and new inspirations for me.”
– says Dodo, who in 2009 was working already in a 1,400 sqm big art studio.

It seemed to be difficult to co-operate with art galleries, even after many gallery and studio visits. The open-mindedness that is necessary for Dodo Newman’s works was missing from the part of galleries. Dodo decided to change perspective and philosophy: to materialize her dreams and visions independently and freely, not depending on others’ views and opinions. She knew this choice was a much more difficult path, but she also trusted her inner intuition and the reactions she received.

The persistence soon saw its first fruits and there was no need to wait for long to see some more fruits.

The point of change arrived like an express train and demonstrated the reality that Dodo felt deep in her heart. The change came during one of Dodo’s open day in her art studio, when a big quantity of her artworks was bought at once. A very new universe opened up in front of Dodo, the universe of possibilities. She felt that the day has come to consider and manage her art and the World that takes her in a very different way.

“For me the process of marketing, sales of my art represented always a difficulty, just as for all artists but fortunately I had the best persons around me who helped me in this, although I fought my life’s most serious battle in Berlin.

I had to learn that there are walls that only I am capable of breaking down, that there are aims that only I can reach.”

This was the first time that Dodo achieved a huge step in her artistic vision by her belief in her own dreams. She realized for the first time how powerful the dreams are and how, with our own imagination, our own strenght of will, we are able to fully realize these dreams.

This also represented a change in her artistic expression because she started to dare to dream even bigger dreams. A very new universe opened up in front of her where she was able to direct her own energies to follow her passion.

Berlin Atelier

In 2009 Dodo Newman found a new Art Studio in Berlin in the area of Oberschöneweide. The Art Studio was situated in a historical, industrial area, which is under continuous development. In this new Art Studio Dodo had a 1,400 sqm big space for working and for the clients and visitors.

“For me it was very important to be able to receive my Clients in a high level environment and also to be able to work in a huge, inspiring space. The development will not stop here, by the beginning of next year I am planning to increase this studio with another 900 sqm.”
Dodo’s Atelier was in an exciting part of Berlin full of industrial history. Oberchöneweide was a territory for industries, factories and today it is a place for adventure and development. Dodo held her open day in one of the old AEG headquarter for factory.

When Dodo found her ideal place for her Atelier she chose it with future plans for future developments. It was an ideal place with ideal inspirations for Dodo to continue the Titanic Commemorative Centenary project.

Early ups and downs – The Breakthrough

The path of discovery brought both many struggles to face and many challenges to overcome as well as moments and periods of immense joy.

Once one keeps challenging the obstacles and improving their innovation they will arrive to the point of breakthrough.

“Every step, falling, sadness, fight, victory forms a part to the final aim: praise your mistakes, your struggle you need all of them for the final story.”
Dodo kept on challenging the obstacles and improving her visions and innovations she knew she would arrive to the point of breakthrough.

There is a long and real story behind each and every person who has reached his or her dreams.

Dodo was always a self-made person, which was especially true with her art. Her artistic career, journey was never been supported by anyone around her, still she achieved her life long dream to be first a luxury artist and then an Inspirationaliste: inspiring, innovating and creating. She continuously sought her way to the light even in her darkest periods.

“Uniqueness comes hand in hand with a life path, with the circle of birth and death and with the time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with the persistence to make a dream come true. Everything comes from Passion, Persistence and Belief.”

Dodo’s first visible breakthrough was her co-operation with SWAROVSKI. It represented for her a true step ahead, marking her artistic path of unique creations.

The Inspirationaliste

“I believe in the Good. My Soul is guided by my inner energies that have to manifest themselves through my art and will never fade. The word I gave to describe Myself and my Life Inspirationaliste was born after I decided not to be called an Artist anymore. It was a way for me to express my detachment from all that is usual and my aim to be different.”

Inspiration is the process of breathing in the air, the most vital thing that keeps us alive. For Dodo to inspire others is like this most vital thing in Life.

Dodo aims at inspiring People to love, to hate, to think or see things in a different way, to dare to do something they never thought about before.

Dodo Newman

Inspiring People to feel and be free for a moment, for an hour, for a time being from their every day and usual way of life. To stop for an instant and feel different for that moment in time.

By being an Inspirationaliste Dodo Newman inspires People and Artists to aim at achieving their dreams no matter what they are, just by believing in them until the very end.

The greatest Gift

“I am also gifted with a lovely child who was born between two contrasting Worlds. The arrival of a new life into my own has also changed my visions. It has also added to my inner spiritual path, driving me to reach in every aspect of my life more consciousness, awareness and enlightenment.”

Dreams that Inspire

Dodo cannot live without dreams, without her imagination, without holding her visions and making them into realities.

In front of "The Dream"
Right after creating it

“Dreams are my fuel, my imagination is never limited. In my imagination I can be and become whoever I want to be.”

“Nothing is impossible, the limit is only the imagination…”
is Dodo’s favourite saying, based on her own life experiences.
“Living the dreams is an inner journey because before anyone can actually see them, one must be able to see and live it within themselves. It is only through this journey of self discovery that one finds the real treasure, which is within ourselves. Our imagination is incredibly powerful, if only we believe in them….”

Dodo is inspired by the contrasts, the differences leading to the quest for discovery as they give birth to new ideas and new creations. This is part of the journey, there is no new vision without the contrast and the diversities that are fuelled by life experiences.

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