Dodo Newman is a person who thinks and acts “out of the box” and is moved by visions. She creates to bring forth timeless, magical and inspiring dreams.

Commemorations & Dedications

Growing up in various Continents, Countries, among various Nations, Religions Dodo Newman has lived and seen the real faces of different cultures.

She has seen the contrasts of our Planet: poverty and richness, beauty and ugliness, happiness and sadness, Life and Death. Through her commemorative projects, dedications and individual art works Dodo aims to take people to the different realities, to the world of dreams and emotions.

Dodo uses art to create awareness for the unseen and unheard things, for causes as well as to commemorate moments which are either precious or unforgettable during our human history.

Haiti collection

Dodo Newman continuously supports aims and charities. One of her biggest donation was in 2010 during the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, where all the income of her art auction went to support the reconstruction of Haiti.

“I have given to many people, whether they were individuals with specific needs, organizations that I could help, businesses that I supported, causes that I believed in and contributed to.

I had to break down various and many walls to make believe people that help can be genuine and not only about money. We all have different tools by which we can help others in need, let it be our own energies or other ways.”

The Red Cross auction for the Reconstruction of Haiti was held during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival on 21 May 2010 in an exclusive environment, within a familiar atmosphere and with illustrious guests.

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A number of prominent players of business were represented during the intimate dinner of several courses, such as the patron of the evening Sheikh Abdallah Shamsaldeen Al-Fassi or Michael Saylor, Bill Dean, Shawn Sabharwal, Viviane Reziciner, Sophie Tuffnell or Kenneth Johnson.

The art auction held during the dinner was led by the famous French master of auction Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, who presented Dodo’s artworks.

100th Anniversary of the Titanic Cultural Commemorative Project

The perfect example of Dodo Newman combining the past with the future was her 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Commemorative Memorabilia project together with Swarovski, including limited collectible items, each dedicated to a passenger on the legendary ship. The project focused on the 100th Anniversary of the sinking, the same year when Dodo’s Holocaust survivor grandmother was expected to be 100 years old. “History overtakes the Future” as Dodo labeled the project for which she also combined SWAROVSKI Crystals as well as LED lightening.

Dodo together with SWAROVSKI Crystals brought ultimate luxury into contemporary art.

“I have always been looking for the unique things in my whole Life. The magic of the past and its mystical essence always attracted me, I found it fantastic to be able to immerse ourselves in our history and past and to allow ourselves to be part of it.

All creations made by Man wether they were huge or tiny artworks or objects, have proved that there are eminent achievements independent of the centuries that are worth remembering, respecting and admiring.”

On 10 April 1912 the Legendary ship Titanic started off to the wide Ocean with huge hopes as a proud example of a creation of Humanity. The journey ended tragically, 706 passengers survived the clash of 15 April 1912, their lives changed drastically after this event. This moment in history proves that any aim, dream is possible, any creation can be realized, however it is not possible to challenge nature’s power.

“I stand in front of all the people who were present in those historical moments with deep and pure respect. No matter how difficult it was to accept the course of this destiny the Titanic has no doubt given something new to Humanity.”

Dodo’s extraordinary Titanic Commemorative project was an art initiative marking this centenary.

Dodo’s creative work highlights the human aspect of the tragedy – the 2,240 passengers and crew, 1,517 of whom perished. It conjures a poignant image of people boarding the Titanic full of hopes and dreams, unaware that they were destined to share a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude. They came from every walk of life: personnel from the ship; the rich and famous (American millionaires Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus and John Astor all drowned); professionals; the poor, seeking a new life. Friends, families and strangers alike, they were to be linked in collective memory forever.

Using her own special techniques, Dodo’s Commemorative Titanic Memorabilia depict the emotions that the survivors experienced. Fragments of glittering diamonds, semi-precious stones and brilliantly glinting SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS represent icebergs, which she applied to transparent plexiglas. The surface effect was magical: liquid crystal against a background of swirling oceanic blues, reflecting the play of light on icy water – shockingly beautiful and, quite simply, unique.

This limited range of rare and handcrafted collectibles, each with its own certificate of authenticity, consist of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS-surfaced masterpieces, each dedicated to a passenger.

The Titanic Memorabilia Collection offers a unique opportunity to own a part of history and enrich our human heritage: dedicated to the memory of the passengers, it touches our hearts today, 100 years after the worst maritime disaster in peace-time history.


HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco owns as well a Titanic Commemorative Memorabilia (Nr. 153), falling in love with the unique resin compositions experimented by the Inspirationaliste.

The Titanic Luxury items are ultra-luxury products, creations for more than a life time that will remain always unmatched and rare. This secured by the legendary passengers themselves, the people who lived and who had a real story. The boxer, the mayor, the loving couple, the banker, the rich socialite, they all give us a piece of story, an emotion to remember forever.

Princely Jewelry-artwork for Princess Charlène of Monaco

A limited Jewelry-artwork was designed for Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco in 2012.

The artwork is a Diamond surfaced Jewelry-artwork, where all the colours, the reflections of the water and the purple shades were inspired by Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène.

“I remember when I saw the wedding with You and Prince Albert and I saw that very special moment in the old chapel, when the tears covered Your eyes. It was a very emotional moment for all of us because it was the moment where everybody realized how deeply you were moved and how profound your Love for Albert is. And as you appeared in your amazing dress, it was like an Angel coming down to Earth. The simplicity was surrounded with a heart breaking feeling that day.”
– Quote from the private mailings of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and Dodo Newman

The artwork was created to remember this precious moment. Besides the Diamond surface there are also Swarovski Crystals implemented to remember Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène’s Armani wedding dress.

The artwork is a diptych, a two piece Jewelry-artwork which complement each other. There is a special wave cut in the middle of the composition, representing the endless Ocean. This is where the two pieces can be fit together, to live forever together in peace. The two complementary pieces fold together just as the “A” and the “C” in Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II’s dual cypher.

A peculiarity is that when Dodo started to create the jewelry-artwork called “The Biggest Love Story” as a commemoration for the Royal wedding and the forever bonding love of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II and his beloved wife Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco, she was four months pregnant. This was an element that added to the inner beauty and its uniqueness of the work.

However after the creation of the masterpiece the release of the materials in the air, the highly toxic resin and the natural pigments could have meant danger and many complications for the unborn Life. Luckily the baby girl was born without any complication and Dodo’s work was celebrated in many medias stating it as “the performance of priceless art transcendent value of the precious love”. It was also selected into the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends in 2013.

The reason why this Jewelry-artwork is unique is because it combines many elements into one. It is an investment, a business tool, a commemoration as well as a rare bond to the Princely Family of the Principality of Monaco.

The handcrafted jewelry-artwork represents many heightened elements to remember the most valuable human values.

The special piece includes two materials, elements that symbolise Love: the Diamonds and the Coal from the Titanic. The Coal represents our Life, that ends at one point. This Coal is from the real legendary ship Titanic, which included thousands of love stories. Diamonds have come to symbolize our deepest hopes for everlasting love, the one that Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. also shared. These two elements are there forever in our Lives.

Dodo Newman’s passion are the stories behind each work she creates, her own life story as well as the story of the work itself. It is these stories that give values, credibility and that make these works live forever in time for the future.

Some years ago she was traveling to and from Monaco for several times and she had an aim to enter its closed circle. However she also had a long time admiration for the Princely Family since the time of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. Dodo admired them for the Love and passion they shared for each other even if they came from such different and contrasting backgrounds.

At the time she decided to create something special for Princess Charlène of Monaco to celebrate her Love with Prince Albert with the thought of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. as well. Princess Grace herself was an artist, just as the mother of Princess Charlène as well.

The marriage of Princess Charlène and Prince Albert was a great occasion for this work and in Dodo’s mind she already saw that it will consist of two pieces that are actually one. So she had the big 3 meter long piece cut in half, representing the couple who belong together bonded by Love. This is how the two complementary pieces came alive.

The royal jewelry-artwork is a celebration of love, birth and death, containing the princess’ favourite purple colours. The reflections of the water and the purple shades were inspired by HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco.

“The jewelry-artwork composition represents many elements of life. The Diamonds represent life and glamour, the Swarovski Crystal lines symbolise the process of fertility, meanwhile the Titanic coal represents death. This represents our life stages where the mystical colour combination reflects our Life.”

“In 2012 I created a project to commemorate the passengers on the legendary ship Titanic and I realised that one of the brave musician, Roger Marie Bricoux who played during the sinking of the Titanic orchestra was from Monaco. I realised that although many people saw the Titanic movie by James Cameron not so many know about this very interesting fact. Therefore I decided to implement a little element to commemorate Monaco’s forgotten hero as well.”

Desire Collection

When Dodo realised that her unique resin technique used in her art creations is different than the usual, it did not stop her in going further in her imagination to discover other fields. Being someone who continuously has new visions and desire to realise them, she discovered that there are no boundaries in applying the material to extremely new areas where design, luxury and aesthetics are at the same time essential features.

The unique concept to apply her technique for the surface of a watch dial was born out of her passion for art and expertise and to extend her desire to those who appreciate and share this passion for rare and individual materials.

The real value is in the innovation and luxury combining a brand new element, moulding it for an ultra-luxury timepiece, which has never been manufactured before.

This is how three patents were launched, one chemistry and two mechanical for the watch industry.

The imagination is endless and Dodo’s aims are to extend her vision to other areas as well, to see her unique material in other fields of luxury and beauty.


Dodo Newman is the Creator of the original material for the Desire Collection’s surface.

The dial’s surface is a unique cut from the remains of the special Royal artwork partly owned by HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco (The Biggest Love Story). The Royal related jewelry-artwork has been selected in to the TOP 100 Ultra-Luxury items in the World (January 2014).

The ultimate aim, to celebrate Life and Love in one masterpiece, is well extended in the limited pieces of the Desire Collection.

The surface of the Desire Collection is unique, one and only for each timepiece. Every watch is an individual state of art in itself. They represent a one of a kind collectors’ item.


The unmatched, exclusive surface is the highest ranked watch surface in the World (TOP 100 Ultra-Luxury Trends, January 2014).

There is no two surface of the Desire Collection that matches, they are unique because of the original provenance of the related collectible item that has been chosen in to the Top of the Ultra-luxury world.

Because of the crystallised cut from the original piece of material for the surface, which is a piece of art in itself, each Desire Collection timepiece has a unique and unrepeatable surface, as its own individual DNA. This is what places the Desire Collection Ultra-luxury watches to the level of rarity and collectibles.

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