Celebrities finding more in painting

Most of us have never heard that Johnny Depp, Adrien Brody, Sylvester Stallone, Jim Carrey, Lucy Liu, Dennis Hopper, James Franco, Anthony Hopkins, Wiggo Mortensen, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer would have other creative talents than acting and that they also paint, and probably most people have not even seen any of their artworks.

They might be actors who have achieved world wide success and who’s names are known all over the world but with an intrinsic desire to express themselves individually and independently in a different form, through painting.

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Noriyoshi Ishigooka continues to live in my inspirations

Noriyoshi Ishigooka was a Japanese artist, whom very few know about, although his powerful works are more than worthy to remember.

Born in Japan, on Hokkaido island in 1928, experimented his own way on the path of art. Although he was one of those very few artists who was born into and lived during his life in wealth and abundace, Ishigooka captured the sensitivity and the essence of energies in his artworks.

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The cause and effect of “Cause and Effect”

One of my dearest and most powerful artwork series that I have created was the one I called “Cause and Effect”. The vision came from a time when I started to think more around the meaning of energies.

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I realized from when I was painting that often the colours, textures and forms came together in a certain way on my canvas, depending on the way I felt in that moment. Sometimes the colours just flew smoothly and glided without resistance.

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