Celebrities finding more in painting

Most of us have never heard that Johnny Depp, Adrien Brody, Sylvester Stallone, Jim Carrey, Lucy Liu, Dennis Hopper, James Franco, Anthony Hopkins, Wiggo Mortensen, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer would have other creative talents than acting and that they also paint, and probably most people have not even seen any of their artworks.

They might be actors who have achieved world wide success and who’s names are known all over the world but with an intrinsic desire to express themselves individually and independently in a different form, through painting.

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Noriyoshi Ishigooka continues to live in my inspirations

Noriyoshi Ishigooka was a Japanese artist, whom very few know about, although his powerful works are more than worthy to remember.

Born in Japan, on Hokkaido island in 1928, experimented his own way on the path of art. Although he was one of those very few artists who was born into and lived during his life in wealth and abundace, Ishigooka captured the sensitivity and the essence of energies in his artworks.

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Siddharta in my art

Siddharta is the story of the One who is seeking to find his life purpose and truth. He seeks it everywhere, learning it through different masters, trying out different life experiences to find out at the end that the truth is whithin himself, that he himself is his own purpose in life.

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Siddharta also realises that he never  stops learning, taking in openly from the world and from his own Soul.

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#tbt The Japanese ink in my art

It was 15 years ago that I first got to know what Japanese ink is and then I started to learn the technique of using it as a painting medium.

I have always been fascinated by the traditional Japanese ink, which comes in so many different colours. The most known is the black coloured one, which seems ever so easy to use but once one gets to know it, it becomes an elaborate and very meticulous tool for painting, just as its philosophy behind it.

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