Artistic Expression

Uniqueness comes hand in hand with my life path, with the circle of life and with the time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with the persistence to make a dream come true. Everything comes from Passion, Persistence and Belief.

What mostly characterises my art is renewal, continuous reinvention of my artist Being.

Renewal is life energy, it is the purpose of all living beings, my art is a reflection of this movement. My intention with renewal is to give life to new visions, new feelings, new vibes.

This flow of passion and what I get in return from people being inspired by what I create is what keeps me alive.

I combine the past with present to create something new for the future. I believe most of the things we want to create has already its base in the past, which holds much treasures. We can further use these to create more valuable things for the development of our world. By appreciating and respecting our past, we can include them into our techniques and thoughts and update them to our present times.

I aim to combine in my artistic expressions the wisdom of our past teachers with the wisdom of new technologies and innovations to give birth to more wisdom for the future generations.

What interests and moves me most is what we cannot see with our physical eyes. I am passionate to bring these things alive, to give them visible forms, textures, colours. The beauty that surrounds and that is whithin us is often a fleeting moment or something inexpressible with words. It is my aim to give life to this beauty into the world of forms, shades, colours, textures.

My ultimate aim is to give back the resonance and memory of this energy to others so that they can stop for an instant, to immerse in their imagination.

This is why the universe, the space has always inspired me. It beholds the powerful energy which is beautiful, mystical, undefinable with words.

Throughout my various experiences in different parts of the World, with people from wide range of backgrounds I have grown the inner knowing that we are all part of our universe, that we all belong to this vastness as One in different forms and ways. Our universe belongs to us just as we belong to it in our physical built up, in our mental curiosity towards it and in our spritual connectedness.

These are the recurring messages in my art forms, inspirations in whichever way they translate themselves, whether it is with traditional materials or with innovative, new mediums.

Because of my background connecting people through art has been and is a recurring intention in all parts of my life. The differences and contrasts of our World and Universe gives birth to new ideas and new creations. Each story is beautiful within itself, to be told to others to teach, to flourish, to unite and to recreate.