Art Berlin 2017 with an eye of an artist

Today I was invited to the newly founded and highly anticipated Art Berlin 2017 as a VIP guest. My first impression was that this Art Fair is not where my artistic expression belongs. It focuses more on the fashion and trends rather than the beauty and artistic technique.

I arrived and entered the fair with great excitement. The location was amazing and perfect for the feelings, the atmosphere and the buzz.

It was a very interesting experience in the sense of what galleries offer and what people think they need to see, understand or buy. However it was also a spiritual let down for me.

The open day of the exhibition was fully packed. It was full of trendy youngsters and well off middle aged people, couples as well as curious people who happened to come by.
I found it great to see personally that it is cool to be artsy. People dressed up in a bohemian style, cool and artsy.

The buzz came more from the main corridors where people bumped into each other, stopped to make photos or met to discuss, chat. There was more happening in the cafeteria and bar area as well as the corridors than at the boxes, where the art was mainly displayed.

It gave me the impression that it was more like a social meeting, gathering point rather than an exhibition of artworks. The gazing people mostly slid through the artworks, glancing at them for merely 2-3 seconds.

As Art Berlin declares on its website it presents around 110 international galleries from 16 countries at Station at Gleisdreieck. In addition to emerging as well as established galleries focusing on contemporary art, one will also be able to discover modern art.

I was very keen to see the current trends. From what I saw the trend is going towards the excitement factor in terms of new, experimental and every day materials, such as rusty nails, wooden panels, asphalt, foam, etc. The every day materials transformed into art, giving back the feeling of recycling. It was not about how to create something simple we use and see every single day into something aesthetically appealing, exciting rather into something that is weird and far from the heart and soul.

It was surprising that there were only a few video installations, which was a trendy new thing years before.

Most of the galleries were German speaking ones. What I truly missed was the appearance of more international galleries.

As I think about it overall it was a true experience for me. Inspirational? I cannot say so. However I encourage every art lover to visit the Fair and to experience themselves the novelties of the art World.

The official Art Berlin website:
And the exhibition is open from 14th – 17th September 2017

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