Learned art through life

I learned art through living the ups and downs of the waves of life.

I was not free to choose art into my life, I had to find it myself. It came to my life in the right moment, when I was ready which was not in the school, or in the various courses I took. It seeped into my life sometimes unnoticeably, with little signs in my every day life and sometimes harshly wanting to brake free.

I learned the techniques I needed to create from the right people, who appeared in my life in various stages and who gave me their wisdom and knowledge as gifts for me to turn them into something more valuable and meaningful. Like for example my master, who crossed my life in the most unexpected time and way.

I often told him that I regretted not having had the opportunity to learn art in university, as my main studies. He always said to me that this was my advantage, that I was “unformed”, open to find my own way, own voice and find my own techniques without being too academically limited.

Then, I did not really understand his point, it is only now that I grasp its essence and appreciate what he so wisely wanted me to make my own.

Sometimes the gift came in a harsh disguise, in the form of a very negative critic that made me re-evaluate things or reinstate my own worth even more. Other times it came from nowhere, in the form of

“coincidences”, which I consider my life crossing miracles that also lifted my awareness to a higher level, giving meaning to my artistic path.

The teachings came also during the various diverted routes I took, small and big, which made me rethink and reconsider the ways to create with others new and wonderful things.

In my life, art is a treasure that I find in the simplest things and then involve it into my life. I believe art appears eventually in every to be artist’s life in one way or another, the choice to make something out if it is always left to the individual.

It is never a single and straight one-way path.

Often One has to start many roads, ways, paths, with many crossroads and turn backs to take to find the way of realization. Each and every artist’s life path is different, even if their  style of art can be called similar.

I seek to learn the creativity, inspiration, joy of creation from all parts of my life.

I recently learned from children by creating with them on how to create freely, without limitations and with bravery.

It is incredible how strongly decisive and knowing children can be. They truly dare to do what they want, have no limits, blocks or hesitations. Children see things in such simplicity and purity, for them there are no such things as mistakes.

“Children’s art is a natural force,” Brian Belott says. “No matter what point in the day it is, there’s some kid making art. It’s unstoppable.”

The path of art, as hard as I have lived it at times, came back and back again, re-instating itself in my life. I sought it even when I thought I lost it.

One of the happiest moments that I think of is when I am lost in painting, creating.

It is the happiness and joy of the soul to see itself being shaped and reflected on the canvas, mixed and remixed in colours, seeing itself re-created in a moment.

I shared this artist’s thoughts about truth in art, and how following our dreams as an artist is a commitment, a life time passion.

This peace, happiness, joy is something that once experienced, will always be a point of reference, to go back to, to savour in always more deep ways. It takes courage to find this truth in art, however once found there is no way back.

Part of this truth and journey is to give it back to others in a way that they too can experience the meaning, taking bits and pieces to their own world.

I believe art is a spiritual journey, discovery of our higher, universal Self. No moment is ever the same and yet all pieces of art take part in a whole, collective discovery.

As I look at it now, I consider it to have a privilege to be an artist during this lifetime.

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