Life marks of the Heart

I created “Life marks of the Heart” as an ode to the “wrinkles”, the life lines of our Heart.

Life marks of the Heart
Life marks of the Heart

I have always considered the physical signs of maturity as signs of wisdom, but more than that as medals for going through the light and the dark during our life paths.

Our heart is such a fascinating organ just as the place it is located in our bodies. The heart is the engine and the place from where everything flows to the rest.

It is the mountain, the river, the wise one, who supplies to the rest of our bodies the most important elements.

If anyone has ever seen and heard the heart during a medical check-up, knows how incredibly powerful its movement of pumping blood in and out and through. The precise way this amazing organ works is so full of questions and yet it stays to accept and appreciate its life giving, life empowering energy and love, by which we are able to experience our life each and every moment.

Like our Planet Earth, so wise and knowlegeable our Heart is, knowing more than we imagine. The place where our Heart is situated is where we feel most emotions, energies: joy, happiness, sadness, pain, fear, anger, love, care.

The image of the heart for me is like that of our Planet, a wise and old Soul, the pure element on our journey, the One that has seen more.

The Heart forgives and lives with compassion for every creature and for every living Being.

The lines of the Heart, like that of our Planet has developed through life times like the mountains and geographical formations: from moment to moment, from movement to movement, from one energy to the next one, from one life to the next one.

The colours and lines have developed during many thousands and millions of years and continue to form and develop further on. They are like wrinkles, signs on the skin of Mother Earth, simbolizing the passing of years on the physical level and spiritual growth on the level of awareness.

The more lines there are, the more beautiful it is, reflecting depth, journey and a keenness in living fully and truly.

“In the end these things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”  – Jack Kornfield


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