The birth of something new

As an artist the question I have been asked most from most people is: how is an artwork born from a white canvas into a full image?
It seemed to be difficult to answer and so I tried to compare my abstract painting process to life’s creating process.

Just as life itself is created with layer upon layer, without knowing what it will really look like, painting my artworks is always a new feeling, built up step by step, feeling by feeling, vision by vision.

It is not a linear process at all as some may think so: the artist has an exact vision, takes out his or her canvas and paints the vision down in an approximately planned way and time.

The artwork is just as the life in the womb, at first having its heartbeat and the most important biological elements to survive.

Then bit by bit its form, character, colours, nature, its essential Soul is formed. Just as with new life,

the artist has an initial feeling of newness, of knowing something new is going to be born.

The inspiration is the love, the energy given from life and people, with which the artist creates and knows intuitively what colours, what tools and what way to start on the blank canvas.

The time is never limited and never exact. It might be that an artwork is created in a few days, a week, or several months, even several years. This is because every day, every moment the artist has different moods, thoughts, experiences and he or she brings all these into the artwork.

Every time it is different and so the visual that comes out is different too. One can never know what we will feel like or be like tomorrow.

Every layer, shade of colour and light, stroke and pattern is a reflection of a thought or emotion energy of the artist.

And thought upon thought the artwork is slowly built up.

The artwork is the reflection of the artist’s Soul.

My aim has always been to have and use the energy as to be able to feel and transmit it to the flow of the paint, the forms, the textures it creates on the surfaces I work on: hinting and feeling it as the initial energy is enough to create the artwork, just as it is enough to create anything in Life. You can be whatever you want to.

When I create I realise that realities exist inside of us, in our inner universes where the possibilities are vast and infinite.

The abstract elements merge and fuse together, depart and then come again together. This eternal forming and un-forming is how our universes are created.

It is the magic of this play and the joy of creation that is part of our human experience.

Just as in life, when there are times when nothing happens on the surface, at times I cannot go on with an artwork.
No matter how much I look at it, try things out on it, it just does not cometogether. Then I put it aside, occasionally I take a glance on it or forget it for many days, weeks and months. And then all of a sudden, like a lightning it all comes together.

As in life when everything happens at once, something strikes in me and I have the urge and know exactly how to go on with the artwork, or with the situation I felt stuck in. I pull the artwork out and I know, feel exactly what to do and how to build it further or finish it.

I learnt to think in an overall way, while failing in the small things.
The more I kept to and fixed to the “planned” things, the “planned” way, the “planned” circumstance the more I failed and came out disappointed.

As when creating gives me the experience of total freedom, thinking and imagining my life and playing into my desires gave me the freedom to “forgive” myself from any mistakes I may have made, any “wrong” decision I have taken.

On the canvas, like in life there are no mistakes, wrong actions just learning through experiments, trying out.

A “wrong” stroke or colour can be easily adjusted and repainted, reformed. I learned that through making more of these trials, the artwork got more mature and complete like in our lives as we learn to make “mistakes” without judging.

The hardest part in creating is to know when the artwork is completed and to stop with the creation process.

One has to know when the artwork is finished, like a phase in our lives, ready to have people see themselves in it, ready to inspire others.

It has happened very often to me that when I saw some of my older, finished paintings after some years later I started to see new things in them, to start further painting them with my mind’s eye.

I realised then that those artworks were reflections of a specific moment in my life, with the mix of impressions and thoughts I had at that time and now I am different, I have changed and so would the artworks change as well completely.

The past is meant to be kept where it is, what counts is the present moment.

Thinking in big gives the freedom to imagination, allows flexibility and creates space for things to happen.

A Creator is the symbol of thinking in big, of being able to create things from nowhere and nothing, someone who is fully familiar with inner freedom, which is the driving energy for all creation: art and life at the same time.

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