Why an artist?

Why have I become an artist? It was a question that many have asked me during my years on my path. I always answered this by saying

I always knew I am an artist, a creator since I remember having my own thoughts.

However I never really considered this question in its depth.

Deciding to live and go ahead on the artistic path was the craziest thing one could say, the first question would always come up:

“and how are you going to live from it?”

But these and similar questions could not take away my determination and my passion, since it was never my main concern. I knew there was no other way than being true to what I felt deep inside.

I knew and felt that I was free and alive when I create. I loose time and feel I can be anywhere and anything when I am creating, whether it is being one of the various colours and shades, the lyrics of the lines or the energetic impact of the brush on the canvas.

When I create it is me with me. I am purely with myself, my feelings, my flow.

When I was a child I wanted to draw things exactly as they were and people around me said I am skilled and really good at it. Later on I wanted to give back the feeling, the essence of things around me whether we saw them or not, like the space, our universe.

I wanted to make people dream and forget their every day thinking for a moment just as they were when they were children.

People then said they do not understand it and did not understand why am I doing it?

A bit more later when I focused purely on creating and started to show my works to a bigger audience, talking about my life experiences  linked to them people opened up to my works, to art and its essence. They told me their own dreams, their life stories, struggles, ups and downs. It moved them and uplifted them for those moments and for their life when they decided to live with those very works.

Art became my medium to talk and to open their hearts.

That is when I knew that creating was much more than feeling the freedom and depth myself because it became whole when it closed the circle of creation by inspiring others with my work, enriching their lives as well.

The uplifting and freedom filled energies that I experienced benefited others as well, uplifting my path together with theirs.

This is the main reason for being on this path.

To all those people who feel discouraged on this road, I suggest to feel themselves lucky to have a talent, to be authentic, to be able to express themselves through a special channel, to know this is the one thing that is truly theirs, their treasure to share with others.

The path may not shine always with the light of gold but it shines with another, truer light, one that lasts longer and is more satisfying on all levels.

Hidden Away II

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