Celebrities finding more in painting

Most of us have never heard that Johnny Depp, Adrien Brody, Sylvester Stallone, Jim Carrey, Lucy Liu, Dennis Hopper, James Franco, Anthony Hopkins, Wiggo Mortensen, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer would have other creative talents than acting and that they also paint, and probably most people have not even seen any of their artworks.

They might be actors who have achieved world wide success and who’s names are known all over the world but with an intrinsic desire to express themselves individually and independently in a different form, through painting.

Via poplifeart.com

Many of these actors have actually started their creative careers painting, some of them studied it and planned to be painters. Eventhough they left painting at one point in their lives, it eventually came back with full force.

No matter what in life the creativity and passion for painting eventually creeps in to make itself alive again.

It seems to be a contradiction but many of these famous actors are not free in the sense we imagine them to be. They live most of their times in a world where it is hardly easy to be their own selves, they have to conform to different identities, expectations, ideals.

However when they paint, they can be whoever they truly are, they can immerse themselves authentically in their own expressions, they are the masters of their own voices.

It is what I now seek for myself: freedom through honesty, freedom through absurdity, freedom through expression of every kind. – Jim Carrey

L’art pour l’art is their motto when painting. Some of them paint to raise their own emotional depths, to develop and get in touch more with their true selves, some of them make use of their names to promote causes, to raise funds, to make our world a better place. In all cases they are part of raising and uplifting the level of consciousness of humanity.

Via nice.fr

I’m not just painting for painting’s sake. I want to be truthful. – Sylvester Stallone

The desire to express oneself through creativity comes in so many different forms. Art is a link to the Soul and those who tap into it find different channels to get to it.

Painting is freedom, a way to develop freedom and to raise consciousness. To the question “What does painting give you?” Adrien Brody answered:

Tremendous freedom. My work as an actor is limited by the voice of the director and the writing. – Adrien Brody

In this world of consumerism, high speed movement and a huge amount of distractions painting is a way to find and reflect the voice of light and truth.

Via creators.vice.com

No one has to be famous in order to paint and to follow a passion, just as it is not necessary to paint in order to immerse oneself in the world of painting. Being a viewer of art, having passion towards art can give as much sense of freedom as the creation part in itself.

“When I’m involved in creation, whether it be a movie, a painting, a joke, a song, or a sculpture, it stops the world for me,”…“At best, I think an artist’s work also stops the viewer from thinking, worrying, or dressing what they are looking at with their mood or interpretation, bringing them into presence as well.” – Jim Carrey

During my life experiences as an artist I have seen how art can create a difference in peoples’ lives, just by allowing it to enter and realising the variety of creation that surrounds us. It is part of us humans to seek the artistic, the creative, the link to our soul.

Photo via Pinterest

The examples of these famous actors reflect our human need of self expression, since none of them really “need” to create other than for a higher and more truthful purpose.  Within this fast paced world that drives and distracts us every minute, the part of ourselves seeking individual self expression through any form of art, whether by creating it or being part of it, leads us to an innate desire to leave the drama, the noise, the crowd behind for the sake of hearing our pure voice again.

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