The colours of our universe

Have you ever thought about how colours are part of our lives?

Colours define our perceptions in our every day life and they give us emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories, uplift and inspire us.

Newborns do not see yet, they still live in the ‘angel universe’ but later children start having a favourite colour, which define their clothes, toys they have, their little world evolves around these colour preferences.

Teenagers are often associated with dark, black colours when they start discovering their Souls’ depth, seeking their true selves.

Later colours become important again but they are more subtle. Some colours are of course symbols to, and can mean very different things in different cultures, like for example the colour of grief in our Western societies is dark, in the Far East it is white or even colourful since it is associated with transformation, the eternal cycle of life rather than of loss and sadness.

Colours can make a huge shift in our feelings. Just imagine walking in a beautiful sunny Spring day across a huge forest, which is blooming in every shades of the season.

Your heart will sing and you will feel yourself more uplifted than you have been before.

The colours that you choose for your life surroundings, dress, car, walls, etc. all define and mirror your inner self.

It is the way you assert yourself and communicate to the world. Authenticity is about owning the way you feel and reflecting the way you truly are without wanting to blend in with everyone else, wanting to be the same as everyone.

We often believe in our Western societies that we are ‘free’ in expressing ourselves through the way we dress, we live, we interact with others.

But how much is this freedom coming from outside through external influencing factors, societal pressures to conform and how much is it a true inner expression, coming from who we really are, without being scared of what others will say or think of us?

The question is individual and I believe the colours reflect much of this individuality in any person.

When art became my main focus in my life, most people told me that the choice of colours I use reflect the diverse cultural background I have grown up in.

I remember I had a little book about how to choose colours in the ‘correct’ way and academically what are supposed to be used together and what not, which ones complement each other while others do not. I stopped reading it at the second page because I did not really understand why colours are to be limited and boxed into categories.

When I choose colours for my art, they come fom the world of energies, our Earth, Planet, elements of nature that inpire me. The most striking and amazing colourful combinations are those that just happen spontaneously in nature, in the phenomenal world.

The colours of our universe are full of creativity, imagination and uniqueness, not following certain patterns.

Just imagine the rainbow with its beautiful, glowing colours or those of the hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world, that of the orchid flower or the cheeks of a laughing child.

Imagining the variety of how colours apear and make us feel, encourages us to use more colours in our every day life.

If not in our appearances but in noticing them around us already will have the positive effects whithin us. For example looking at the changing shades of colours of the sky, looking into the colours of another person’s eye, looking at a photo and discovering the variety of colours in it.

Marc Chagall once wrote: All colours are friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.

The colours of our universe are the same all over our Planet and they all speak the same language, serving our desires to express ourselves through and with them, showing how unique each one of us is.

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