Siddharta in my art

Siddharta is the story of the One who is seeking to find his life purpose and truth. He seeks it everywhere, learning it through different masters, trying out different life experiences to find out at the end that the truth is whithin himself, that he himself is his own purpose in life.

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Siddharta also realises that he never  stops learning, taking in openly from the world and from his own Soul.

This little story from Hermann Hesse is one of my dearest book for more reasons. It was the first book that resonated deeply with me and that opened me up to a new horizon.

After reading it, I knew that book had to find me in the right moment.

I have kept the little book also because I got it as a present from a very close friend of mine who wrote a message in it, which I have carried with me ever since:

“You too can be Siddharta! Never be afraid to see because only by seeing do we grow.” And since then I have been Siddharta.

Many years later, when my first abstract paintings came alive I knew I had to dedicate one of the first artworks to Siddharta, to that pure Energy guiding me towards my life path.

It was the colours of India that inspired me in this painting but more than that the playful and yet wise energies that I know so well.

I chose a dark background to reflect that the content does not matter. Our environments, circumstances, behaviours, things we learned do not really matter when it comes to the level of our true Being. What matters is the essence of what we take with ourselves, all that shines through the dark.


Some years later on after I created Siddharta, when I came to Berlin, Germany to dedicate my life path to art, for the sake of bringing joy and inspiration to others, I was holding an Open Day in my atelier.

Siddharta was also among the displayed artworks, waiting to connect with someone.

We were about to end the day, everyone has left and most artworks have found a new home to continue to inspire. All of a sudden from nowhere a very pleasant couple entered my atelier.

They were just curious not specifically into art buying. Especially the husband, who specifically declared he had no interest in art at all and buys no artwork at all.

He ran through my atelier in an uninterested way, glancing very superfically at the artworks for a a few seconds, when suddenly he stopped in front of Siddharta.

He stood there with legs glued to the floor, immovaeble for quite a long time. Staring at the artwork he could not take his eyes off from Siddharta.

He was the chosen One for Siddharta for reasons no rational or intellectual mind can explain, not even the man himself.

He brought Siddharta without hesitation and left with his wife with a totally changed, pleasant feeling, with a wise smile on his lips and eyes. I knew then that this was a meaningful moment in this man’s life.

Siddharta, the seeker, the sayer of truth, the wise One continues to tell his story, to inspire in different ways through books, paintings, music, films and so many other channels.

This is how art can teach without words and can open up totally new worlds to look and learn from with our hearts and spirits, to never stop seeing.

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