Noriyoshi Ishigooka continues to live in my inspirations

Noriyoshi Ishigooka was a Japanese artist, whom very few know about, although his powerful works are more than worthy to remember.

Born in Japan, on Hokkaido island in 1928, experimented his own way on the path of art. Although he was one of those very few artists who was born into and lived during his life in wealth and abundace, Ishigooka captured the sensitivity and the essence of energies in his artworks.

His experience of the material world in abundance and that of the inner art guided world intertwined his whole life.

The mix and complete understanding of these two universes shouts out loud from his works.

Although Ishigooka does not live anymore, I consider him and his art still undiscovered, waiting for the right timing. There is hardly any public information available on this remarkable and authentic artist neither in terms of his life, nor on his artistic endeavours.

My first contact with Ishigooka was when my master handed me a book of him and his artworks. It was as if my master knew in advance that Ishigooka would have something to add to my own artistic expression.

The minute I saw Ishigooka’s burst of energies on the canvases I knew he was more than an inspiration to my own path. Most precisely the picture that grabbed my attention most and that has guided me ever since is a photo taken of Ishigooka, as he is standing with a cigar in his hand in front of one of his paintings, standing in his library room of his own castle in France.

Noriyoshi Ishigooka
Exhibition Noriyoshi Ishigooka, photo via

The confidence, and yet clarity that shines through the photo is still alive in me. The artwork behind him is an explosion of energy, of power and colours.

Just like all natural phenomena, it shows an instant with apparently obvious naturalness.

However looking at it in its details the complexity of textures shows very rich attention on what really happens on every inch of the canvas.

There are no two similar shades of reds or yellows.

Ishigooka’s Japanese background is obvious in all his artistic expressions, but there is also a mix of all his experiences that has opened up in him during his lifetime journeys.

I feel constellations, earthly movements, organic formations, vulcanic explosions coming through his artworks.

Noriyoshi Ishigooka
Constellation Hercule, photo via

What most captured me in Ishigooka’s works, and that still inspire me is his love of representing beauty in all its forms. His way of capturing this in abstract is a sign of mastery and wisdom, coming from a deep Soul.

There are times that I only have to look at his brave and strong colours, the complexity and yet simplicity whithin his art and I get lost in the dance and lyrics, flowing from the few artworks one can find and on the Internet.

Noriyoshi Ishigooka
Photo via

An undiscovered artist, who still inspires me and lives in my art, never fades. Art lives through art for the sake of renewal and eternity. This is how art survives, how messages are forwarded through other than simple words.

This is how Noriyoshi Ishigooka continues to live in my inspirations.

1 thought on “Noriyoshi Ishigooka continues to live in my inspirations

  1. He might be an undiscovered artist in the auction world, but your article proves that he remains in the heart of many.


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