Every artwork has a ‘chosen One’

Just as every artwork has a story to tell, every artwork bonds with someone more than others. The power of the message each artwork creates is different for everyone, which is its magic.

I have realised this wonder through my own experience, noticing how people who came visiting me and my artworks, found usually one that most spoke to them. It was from then that the bond came alive,

starting from the very first sight, attracting each other for the right reasons they only knew.

This is the real power of an artwork, that it speaks to everyone in different ways and yet it has its own path to be chosen by the person it is meant to be with. This way

the artwork and where it goes to, who it belongs to, what it conveys becomes all one and forms its own story.

In my atelier visits I always had chairs around to sit down, to allow visitors to enjoy valuable moments with the artworks.

I once had a lady sit for more than an hour in front of one of my artworks called ‘Heaven and Hell’. She said she never really visits galleries or studios but she happened to be around mine and she could not stop looking at this specific artwork.

Heaven and Hell

She said she continuously saw something new in it, that it took her into the deep and it mesmerized her and her imagination. She said it resonated with her which gave new realisations to her.

This was the only artwork she sat in front of.

There were many similar cases like this one during the many years of visits I had. And even more when the later buyers of an artwork after going home, said

could not think but of that specific artwork they saw, even when the colours did ‘not really fit’ their own design.

There were others who said stories of what one specific artwork reminded them of, and others who were so eager about what the artwork meant for them that they bid on it for long.

I have seen how it does not matter what the plan is for buying or not buying an artwork, but how it is more about a deeper connection.

This bond between artwork and the ‘chosen One’ gives it the real value that is translated to an amount in terms of exchange.

It is the deep meaning that one finds in a specific artwork that translates into the artwork being owned.

It is this flow of energy of appreciation for the artist to have translated this bond into a form, which is translated into an exchange for the opportunity to live with the meaning, the symbol, the source of inspiration: a reminder of this bond.

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