Abstract creating

I learned to draw and paint just like everyone else in school: aiming to give back exactly the same form and colours as I saw it.


When I was a teenager I continued my passion for drawing with cartoons, I used to draw morning and night Mickey Mice and Minnie Mice, Donald Ducks and Goofies. I wanted to draw them exactly as I saw them in my books and in TV.

As my passion for art grew I attended art courses and drew with established artists.

Everything was about striving to give back exactly the same thing on paper as I saw it in front of me.

Whether they were dozens of real models with different sizes and bodies and postures or fruits or architectural structures.

I knew deep inside there is much more to imagination than striving to create what I saw but it was the only thing that I was taught and showed so I stuck to this idea of realistic depiction.

Detail from ‘The Beginning”

The first time the freedom of expression’s door opened up in me was when much later, my master picked up dozens of tins with various colours and poured them all over a canvas on the floor. He then picked up a huge brush and splashing it first in terpentine poured it all over the ‘messy’ surface of the canvas. He looked at me smiling and said to me:

“allow it to be a mess, apparently chaotic and then open up your mind and start really seeing.”

It was then that my ‘abstract eyes’ opened up and started to see behind the forms. That is when I realized

it takes focus and persistence and a very different way of seeing to create in an abstract way.

It is the world of energies that come together in millions of ways, forms, shades and textures. It is the way of a creator, creating something from nothing.

The process of creating abstract is like our thought processes: layers upon layers.

One thought attracts another and then a new one again. Sometimes we don’t see the obvious and then we see and know it all at once until the picture comes together. At times we make various diversions before we actually realize it is right in front of us.

Falling through layers
Falling through layers
Supernova II.
Supernova II.

The abstract is creating beauty, some form of order from the apparently  chaotic, unlinked space. Our thoughts are very similar when we have an idea around a specific subject or vision. The ideas come together from various places, things we see, things we are inspired by or things we hear from others. The ideas add up, layer upon layer to then bring birth to a complete vision or aim.

Energies II. artwork by Dodo Newman
Energies II.

What is appreciated in creating abstract is the energy one dedicates to the final vision, it is the background journey that gives life to what we see at the end.

The wonder of an abstract creation is that everyone sees, feels, thinks of it in a different way.

Creating abstract challenges the creator and the viewer at once, giving life to new thoughts and new ideas.

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