The cause and effect of “Cause and Effect”

One of my dearest and most powerful artwork series that I have created was the one I called “Cause and Effect”. The vision came from a time when I started to think more around the meaning of energies.

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I realized from when I was painting that often the colours, textures and forms came together in a certain way on my canvas, depending on the way I felt in that moment. Sometimes the colours just flew smoothly and glided without resistance.

Often when I was in a great energetic mood I almost had nothing to do and the right colours formed textures by themselves spontaneously that were eye catching.


It was as if I was creating with my mind’s eye and the perfect visions came together.

It was then that I realized that creating is much more than a plan and doing it with the right energy, the right mood and feeling had to go hand in hand with a certain vision. Energy and materialization was the cause and effect of everything, including my as well as the universe’s creation process.

As I started to paint this series it all reminded me of the space, the energies of our universe, of this continous process of coming together and then disintegrating in order to then again forming something new.

The universe, just as artists and humanity as a whole creates new worlds: always something new, innovating, developing. I had this strong feeling whithin and knew this realization will be reflected in the series I was creating.

My aim was to give back the huge impact of the burst of energy that a thought can cause and the colourful diversity a source can have when it wants to break free.

We can only survive as one with colourful diversity, allowing it to have effect and be free in movement physically, intellectually, spiritually.

Paradoxically there is oneness in diversity and variety.

Our societies strive to create standards, labels spreading the belief that by adhering to them, we are all one, “global”. We cannot be free in mind, body and spirit until we follow these beliefs. Only when we allow the otherness, the varieties to be free can we really say we are free.


I aimed with my series to remind us of this Oneness, which is innate and which we are born with, to allow the burst of colours and energy that comes from others, to awaken us to the beauty of life and life force in all its wonderful diversity.

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