#tbt Daring to live my dreams in Berlin

To do art, to create as my full time focus, life time goal was my ultimate dream ever since I was a child.

I knew in my heart what the main reason was for me to be there, in that moment, at that spot:
it was to do what I love most to do.

The moment this opportunity arose in my life was that moment that I look, think back to with an immense joy. The first time in 2008 I walked into my glass roofed studio atelier in Germany, Berlin lying at the banks of the river Spree in Ober Schöneweide was like entering the doors of Heaven. I had not many luggages with me and had no furniture at all.

It was late autumn then and there was a slight rain outside, but the light that came from the river shone through the glass roof and spread its wings all over the huge space that took up two floors of pure inspiring energy. I did not need expensive  furnitures, decorations to feel at home.


I always woke up early to start my day with fresh energies and I loved the daylight to work with. My head was buzzing with images of textures, colourful shades, forms of energies evolving and dissolving. I could hardly wait to stand in front of my canvases all spread around me.

At times I had 5 to 10 artworks lying around me, on which I was working at the same time. The smell of different oils, turpentine, wood, fresh canvases supported my visions to grow just as the continuous melodies, lyrics, rhythms that accompanied my brush strokes.


Loosing myself in this form of ecstasy made me in those moments the happiest person on Earth, even if I had no material possessions.

It was a time of my life when I focused on creating for the sake of creating. I knew no one at that time in Berlin and I was mostly by myself, except when I was with my cat.

I had no distractions in life so I could fully give myself to all that I had inside. My heart was beating happily every evening when, tired but filled with emotions of joy and purposefulness, I looked around and out through the glass roof, where the stars shone down bright upon me.


I took a bold step by moving to another country, by daring to live my childhood dreams. I had no concrete idea how and when I would start living that dream but eventually the opportunity did come. And even then it required a big amount of courage to take that very step of change and living it in real with all its challenges and further opportunities.

Often it is that very last step where we stop and get our biggest fears from. Usually the many questions and doubts of the head are those that stop us from living fully. The decision to living our visions, opens up a whole new array of experiences, which in itself gives us new thoughts, lessons to learn from and growth to build upon.

“Every heartbeat is a Universe of possibilities…”

I wanted to share this moment of time with you because it is ever so vivid and it gives me always the right feedback for my new journeys on the path in the present. It always reminds me to live the dream I create and to share it with others on this adventure filled journey!

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