Dreamers never quit

I was always a dreamer since the day I was born. I could stare in the long distance, lost in my dreams for long hours. I imagined for many years that I could grow wings whenever I wanted to and that I could be anywhere in a second if I thought of it hard. I dreamed of taking dreams to others and to make everyone happier.

I stopped dreaming first when I was told to stop aspiring and desiring to become an artist and to start “living” up to “reality”. My favourite was the sentence: “You are living in a dreamworld, come down to earth”.

I was a teenager then and had not much choice but to do as my father told me to. I conformed to his future picture of me of becoming a successful diplomat like him, and for fear of not being loved and loosing him, I gave up on my childhood dream, burying it deep down.

I tried from time to time to break out, I even accepted the belief that dreaming is a bad thing, that I am not worthy of it and that it is just a “dream”.

It was difficult for me to break out from such expectations and from the trap of believing that I am loved and appreciated only if I conform to how others want to see me. I held on to this pattern even long after my childhood. Nothing really satisfied me during these years, I felt a continuos dissatisfaction and unhappiness wherever I went and whatever I worked on.

I believed for long that my natural state of going back to my dreams was a wrong thing to do, that dreaming is bad, that it will keep me stuck in achieving anything, that it will hold me back in finding my purpose and my state of happiness.

As I slowly started to open my eyes and wake up to realise that my dreams are the underlying powerful engines to become myself again, I also began to see clearly.

Dreams have become the opposite of reality in every day discussions, general beliefs and thoughts. In our fast paced world, full of distractions most people do not put much energy and time to their dreams.

Having “no time” for our dreams equals with: “my desires, my passion are worthless, trivial to even think of”.

With the years passing by many people dry out of the colourful, joyful, playful Being who once held a dozen of dreams within. For most people their childhood dreams, beliefs and capability in creativity fades away with their age. In one of my favourite book

“The Little Prince” there is a quote that says:
All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.

Dreamers never quit” is my favourite quote from the movie of the life of Walt Disney, one of the biggest Dreamers of our times. However I often have the feeling that to say I am a dreamer means I never realise anything. Having dreams, taking care of them, building, imagining and envisioning them is what makes us who we are: all different with unique desires, wishes and thoughts. A dream will continuously change, just like the cells in our body, they uplift us and give us the passion to live for.

Dreams belong to our own Selves, they are not there to be explained, to be judged. Our dreams that we envision, imagine and transform are part of the way we create our own life.

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