2013 – 2015: Awakening

In the spring of 2014 the artistic feelings started to awaken in me.

Dodo Newman
Dodo Newman in front of her KuDamm atelier in Berlin, Germany

Almost two years have past since my daughter Faye Martha was born in August 2012, and I felt I was ready to follow the journey of art again.

Driven by new inspirations and visions I turned my artistic focus to the Space, our Universe.

The space and air was something that always excited me, that called out to me. I remembered what my master said about my in-born talent and gift to paint depths of the space on canvas.

In the same year I also opened my art studio for the public in Berlin’s most wealthiest district, on the street of Kurfürstendamm.


In the following months my new artworks were born around the universe, the world of stars, meteorites, vibes and energies.



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