2009 – 2012: Finding the inner voice

In the year of 2008 a new city appeared in my life: Berlin, Germany.

I had a thought that Berlin is a tolerant, open and free city and also it is to become the centre of art in Europe. So I thought this city might keep some surprises and new inspirations for me.

When I first arrived to Berlin it was very difficult to start everything all by myself, and of course there were so many things to discover too. Naturally there were some favourite places that I started to prefer, however most of my days were about creating from morning to night.

The difficulties of life found me here too and I realised that I needed to open new doors, to start new projects to make my dreams come alive. So I started to look for new possibilities.


My abstract painting was heading in a fantastic way but I felt that the „place“ I was working in was getting small. This is when I finished my last work  the „Dream“ and I started to realise my new Art Studio.“

In 2009 I found a new Art Studio in Berlin in the area of Oberschöneweide. The Art Studio was situated in a historical, industrial area, which was under continuous development. In this new Art Studio I had a 1,400 sqm big space for working.

For me it was very important to be able to create in a huge, inspiring space.


My Atelier was in an exciting part of Berlin full of industrial history. When I found my ideal place for my Atelier I chose it with future plans for future developments. It was an ideal place with ideal inspirations for me to continue the my ongoing projects.

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