2006 – 2008: Finding abstract

I was a dreamy child, since very young I always had the desire to draw cartoons and later to create various paintings. When I was a teenager I often drew with pastel, because it reminded me of the paint as it blended. I loved to create portraits of people or things that inspired me.

Growing up I allowed myself to fullfil my dreams.

In 2006 I finally had the courage to start my artistic career and my first artworks were realised in Budapest and Sopron, Hungary.

I tried out and experienced with many techniques and materials, so I have worked and painted on canvas, wood, glass. I was searching continuously for the right way, which would bring back my forgotten Being.

I remember it was a snowy day at December 2006,  I was alone at home in my working space and led by a flying thought I started to paint with my thumb. I was embraced by a totally euphorical feeling and I did not even realize that the hours were just flying around me. This is when the work “Silence on the sea” was born, which was the first artwork that let my feelings fly freely.

Fate was also kind to me, because it led me to Sopron, where I could release my real artistic expression which was held back for so many years.

For a short period of time I learned from Jozsef Burkus, who was a guide for me then, in Sopron.

When Jozsef Burkus saw my paintings, he realised immediately that there is yet a lot of things for me to learn and to try, but there was something that he felt in me and saw as an instinctive way and feeling in all my works: he saw that I can represent space.

As he described this, it is something very hard to learn because this is something that we are born with. that comes from within, as an instinctive way of doing art.

Perhaps during the third occasion that I was at my master, he suggested me to discover my own style.

My first abstract artwork, the “Cobra”, was my real breakthrough from realistic to abstract. It was created upon the suggestion of my master, Jozsef Burkus, to let go of my inner constraints, blocks and control.

“Again the Cobra throws back her head and looks into the Sun and sees great brightness outside and inside. But then she sees that the light is colour and there is no black or white. The Sun is however surrounded by darkness.

The Cobra is wise, she stays in the centre of the light. Moveless… seemingly. Somewhere on the white forehead an eye opens. Invisible.

The Cobra throws back her head, rises with dignity, slowly towards the Sun. She does not say farewell to anyone not even her friends, she has to go alone on her journey towards the light years of the Sun galaxy.“

– Jozsef Burkus‘s poem of Dodo Newman

The first abstract work after the Cobra was „The Beginning“ where it is obvious that I broke totally with all figural elements in my art. It was also the first artworks that took me to the feeling of space, which became from then on my muse.

The Beginning

I was very happy to paint and work freely but I wanted to start and find new ways in my art, new challenges. My way in life and in art have never been the same as what the majority does, my way has always been unique in its ups and downs and its aims.

This was a very lively, vibrant and happy artistic period for me where I enjoyed every moments of my new journey.

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